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Anne Frank House

One of the three most popular museums in Amsterdam and well known throughout the world: Anne Frank House. The actual house and hiding place where Anne Frank lived during the Second World War is still intact and became a museum for visitors. It is located at the Prinsengracht (canal belt). The Anne Franks House is a dedication to Anne Frank, her family and four other people who were hiding from the Nazis in rooms in the secret annex (Dutch: ‘Achterhuis’). The Anne Frank House exhibits the times and life of Anne Frank, but also established an exhibition area to highlight all forms of persecution and discrimination.


Most famous museum of the Netherlands and located in Amsterdam on the Museumsquare is the Dutch national museum: Rijksmuseum. On the 13th of April 2013, the Rijksmuseum is completely renovated after 10 years of hard work and will be open to the public again.  The Rijksmuseum offers a great collection of Dutch art and history as well as European and Asian art. Not to mention the great interior design of the building, wonderful exhibitions and great events organized by the national institute.

Sea Palace

You just can’t miss Sea Palace – it is, after all, a massive pagoda-style restaurant floating on the water just outside Amsterdam Central Station. Its inside is just as impressive, with glowing lanterns illuminating its golden décor. The dim sum menu, available from 12:00 to 16:00 every day, features dozens of hot and cold dishes to share with friends and family. Make sure you try to get a seat next to the window, so you can enjoy the sights as much as the food!


Keukenhof is the most beautiful spring garden in the world.
More than seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths fill over 32 hectares with color and fragrance, for eight weeks long.

The spring garden also offers thirty alternating flower and plant shows, seven inspirational gardens, one hunderd works of art, a beautiful windmill, a playground for children and a petting zoo.

A visit to Keukenhof is truly unforgettable, don’t miss it!

Amsterdam Bike Tours

Amsterdam bike tours brings you Amsterdam, city of bikes, tulips and canals.  The world capital city of biking has become famous all over the world over the past 40 years. Riding on a bike in Amsterdam (and a bike tour in Amsterdam) is normal for locals but might be a big challenge for tourists because the bikes come from everywhere, so pay attention. We offer you three different specialized Amsterdam bike tours that no one else does.

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